We trust that your visit to our website will add value to our existing relationship, or that if this is your first-time visit to our site that it will help in shaping a new and long-lasting relationship.

In our firm’s existence, practice has taught us that our business is about people and that their hopes and ambitions for achievement, whether for their businesses or their personal affairs, have a direct influence on what they expect from us.

Mutual respect, trust and integrity have shaped professional relationships over many years, which have allowed us to understand the needs of our clients and to provide the services that they expect from us.

Our Services

At Strachan & Crouse everything revolves around you. We strive to provide services, which will enable you to realize your dreams. At Strachan & Crouse we understand the needs of our clients, and we adapt our services accordingly. Our client base covers a wide variety of businesses and includes:


In order to become a chartered accountant you need to enter into a training contract with a SAICA accredited training office. Being accredited, students can register with Strachan & Crouse to do their formal training.

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